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Artemova Dar'ya Igorevna, Candidate of juridical sciences, associate professor, department of justice, Penza State University (40 Krasnaya street, Penza, Russia), 

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Background. Of particular importance is considered in the article of the preamble of the Charter of the Penza region, which reflects the purpose of the adoption Act. This introduction, introductory part systematically organizes all further text. From the preamble of the Charter of the Penza region is intended to give legal protection to the ideology of the Penza region, as a subject of the Russian Federation. The author of this article specifies the motivational and region.
Materials and methods. Realization of research goals had been achieved through the analysis of legislative acts of the Russian Federation and the Penza region. Analysed normative acts of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, Penza oblast, Republic of Tatarstan. In the work of scientific articles have been used by well-known legal scholars and practitioners.
Results. It is proved that the preamble is the basis, pozicionirujushhej region, among other subjects of the Russian Federation. designating the main principles of regional construction and social development.
Conclusions. The preamble is a legal expression of universal interests, taking into account the interests of dominant societal forces recognized by the majority of the members of the society and enshrined in the most general and summary form.
The preamble to the Charter of the Penza region must have the conceptual and ideological burden. This is due to the fact that any act should be based on strong ideological and legal grounds, which are in practice in the sphere of common values. 

Key words

statutory legislation, power, constitutional order, civil society, legal norm, charter 

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